Modern CCTV has given a security boost to two villages in east Northumberland

Sixteen remote cameras have been placed around the shopping precinct in Hadston, to protect local businesses from antisocial behaviour and shoplifting.


Four cameras have also been installed in the park and community centre at Widdrington Station, to reassure local people and deter would-be vandals in the park and village centre.


County Councillor Scott Dickinson used his small schemes fund to pay for the community centre scheme and contribute to the other two, in partnership with East Chevington Parish Council, and Widdrington and Stobswood Parish Councils.


He said: “The CCTV gives local people and businesses a feeling of extra safety and is also a very good crime prevention tool for the community and the local police, who have said that they find the cameras useful.   


“The park is the latest of the three schemes. It’s a well-used route into the village centre and we felt it was important to have the added reassurance of a responsive and modern CCTV system. It means that people will feel safer and more confident using the park, whether they are spending time there or just passing through.  


“The whole of the community will benefit from the cameras and I would like to thank the parish councils for their support in making these schemes possible.”


Paul Claridge, of East Chevington Parish Council said: “The Parish Council believed it was very important for local residents to have a sense of security.  The old CCTV System was failing, so I am delighted it has been replaced.”


At Widdrington Station the system is monitored by the parish council and is password activated. Local police can also log on to the system and keep an eye on key locations.


Kevin Batson, of Widdrington Station and Stobswood Parish Council said: “This is a very large park which was completely transformed a few years back and is a very important space for the community.   


“However, there have been a few problems lately which have threatened to spoil the park for other people and the parish council was determined not to let things get out of hand.


“Having CCTV is another way of letting people know that we won’t tolerate things like anti social behaviour, dog fouling, or vandalism.


“The path that runs through the park is used by a lot of residents going to and from work, and also elderly people going to collect their pensions. Putting in the cameras is a step we had to take. It even monitors against young people climbing the fence over to the railway tracks. It’s a form of safety for everybody.


“We went for a system that we think people will feel comfortable with. We are very fortunate in this community to have a phenomenal local officer. He is a credit to the role he plays and he has helped us choose the equipment.”


Residents can report any suspicious activity in the park and other key locations by dialling 101. Activities can then be monitored in real time by the police.

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