Doctor Pit Park, Bedlington

Doctor Pit Park, Bedlington

Doctor Pit Park is located in the historic market town of Bedlington in the south east corner of Northumberland.

The park provides bowls, sports and play facilities, as well as a quiet green space away from the hustle and bustle of the busy town. The park is proud to be Green Flag Award rated.

The site is named after the Doctor Pit, which was sunk in the 1860s, on land which is now known as Gallagher Park and adjoining housing estates to the west of Doctor Pit Park.

The park was established in the early 1930s, on farmland purchased by the Bedlington Coal Company, to provide recreational facilities for local miners and their families. 

Drone use
Launching drones from County Council land is only allowed with the consent of the Council and where a formal license agreement has been signed. The council reserves the right to refuse consent and where consent is granted will require evidence of your Civil Aviation Training Certificate and public liability insurance.


Dogs are welcome in the park but we ask that dogs are kept on leads in the Bowling Green Area and the Childrens Play Park and all mess is picked up.

Take a look around Dr Pit Park

There are three entrances into the park. The main pedestrian/vehicular entrance is situated on Park Road, accessed from Beech Grove. There are a further two pedestrian entrances next to Whitley Memorial First School and off Hollymount Square. The entrances are DDA compliant.

The park has good public transport links, with bus stops nearby.

There is limited public parking within the park and surrounding streets. There is a large free public car park to the rear of the Market Place which is only 200 metres from the park.    
Learn about the history of the area.

History of the Bedlington terrier

The Bedlington Terrier is the iconic dog from the town of Bedlington, a small breed of dog developed originally as the Rothbury Terrier, a Joseph Aynsley of Bedlington thought to own the first dog.  Originally the terrier was bred to hunt but has since been used in dog racing, numerous dog sports, conformation shows and as a companion dog.

An bin with a Bedlington terrier outline and text saying "Bedlington Terrier".

The Bedlington Terrier has a linty coat and distinctive arched loin and long head which gives it a lamb-like appearance but is a mean dispatcher of vermin!  It is thoughts its origins are from the Dandy Dinmount, Kerry Blue and soft –coated Wheaton Terriers and possibly the Whippet for its distictive arched loin.  It was always a favourite of the miners due to its excellent skills in ridding the mines of rats and for sporting pursuits.


Bedlington Terriers FC at Welfare Park

The current home of the team is at Dr Pit Park.  The football clubwas established in 1949, although teams were thought to have been around since the early 1900’s, know then as the Bedlington Mechanics, joining the Northern League in the Miners Welfare league and champions in 1951/52 season.

Transferring to the Northern Combination, winning the Northern League Minor Cup in 1953/54.  The club reformed as teh Bedlington Collier Welfare where they moved to the Dr Pit Welfare Park and are still currently playing there. 

The club badge which has flag of Northumberland County, the Pit Head Wheel and the Bedlington Terrier dog with the latin phrase Virtus Unita Fortis which translates to ‘Together We act Stronger’.

The logo displays the flag of Northumberland County, the Pit Head Wheel and the Bedlington Terrier dog with the latin phrase Virtus Unita Fortis  ‘Together We act Stronger’.

In 1998/99 the club reached the second round of the FA Cup.
The park is managed by the Neighbourhood Services, Northumberland County Council.


Public toilets are available to use in the park pavillion.