Library fees and charges

Borrowing and reserving books is free. However, there are charges for some services and fines charged for loaned items that are overdue.

It's free to borrow books and to reserve all items of Northumberland Libraries stock. Library members can borrow up to a total of 20 items at any one time. This can be any combination of books and audio books. In addition members can borrow 5 eBooks, 5 eAudio and unlimited newspapers and eMagazines from our digital library.

COVID-19 Libraries Update

Most libraries are now open for browsing and prebooked PC access. Some are operating amended hours so please check before visiting. If you prefer to carry on collecting a selection of books made by library staff, please request this as before, but we are looking forward to seeing you and helping you choose whilst you are browsing.

We can offer safe PC facilities at most libraries but at Ponteland, Prudhoe, Seaton Valley and Wylam, they are currently unavailable. Where we have sufficient safe space, you will be able to study.

Books can be returned to libraries during these hours but don't panic! Fines on overdue books are currently suspended.

To find out opening hours and contact details to prebook a PC please visit our opening hours page and click on your local library

Overdue charges

When it comes to overdue charges, we will continue to do all we can to help customers to avoid incurring them.  We would encourage all our customers to sign up for email or text notifications – that way you will receive a reminder a few days before your items are due back, giving you time to return them or renew them – online, in any of our libraries or by telephone – and thus avoid incurring any overdue charges.

Click here to find out how to renew library items online
Loan periods:

  • You can borrow books and audio books from our libraries for 3 weeks.
  • You can renew borrowed items if no one else has requested them. Renewing Audiobooks will attract an additional loan charge.
  • You can borrow eBooks and eAudio for 14 days with the ability to renew items twice.
  • eMagazines and newspapers do not have a borrowing time limit. 
  • Please note that children's items borrowed on an adult card attract adult fees. Your child can get their own library card at any age.
Charges for borrowing audio items are as follows.

Item Length of loan Charge
Adult audio books 3 weeks £1.20
Children's audio books 3 weeks FREE
Adult audio books (concessions) 3 weeks FREE
Overdue charges are as follows:

Item Charge Maximum charge
Adult books £0.21 per day £8.40
Children's books £0.05 per day £2.00
Adult audio books £0.21 per day £8.40
Children's audio books £0.05 per day £2.00
Music/drama sets £15.00 a month/part if late or incomplete £30.00
Adult books (concessions) £0.10 per day £4.00
Adult audio books (concessions) £0.10 per day £4.00
Our loan charges are as follows:

  Northumberland library stock Outside of Northumberland stock
Music sets 0-50 £5.00 £10.00
Music sets 51-100 £10.00 £20.00
Music sets 101-150 £15.00 £30.00
Music sets 151-200 £20.00 £40.00
Drama sets £1.00 per set £7.50 per set
​It is free to reserve all items of Northumberland Libraries stock.

  • To reserve a book that we have to get from a library outside Northumberland costs £7.00.
  • To renew a book borrowed from a library outside Northumberland costs £4.00
Our charges are as follows:

Item Black and White Colour
A4 Photocopying £0.15 per side £0.50 per side
A3 Photocopying £0.30 per side £1.00 per side
Photocopying by Community Groups £0.10 per side £0.20 per side
Computer Printouts £0.15 per side £0.50 per side
Microfilm Reader Printouts £0.50  - 
Microfilm Reader Printouts done by Staff £1.00  - 
All lost and damaged books will be charged at the replacement cost as per original purchase price plus a £0.50 admin fee.

Lost/damaged audio/visual

A £0.50 admin fee will also be added to the charge.
Item Charge
Audio books CD £7.00 per CD
MP3 (Playaways) £50 per Playaway
Library members 2 hours per day FREE then £1 per extra half hour. Visitors £1 per half hour.

Other charges or costs at our libraries

Item Charge
Replacement library card £1.50
Assisted research £30 per hour
Room hire Ask at individual library