Culture, arts and heritage

Find out how we support culture, arts and heritage across the county.

As a council, we make a significant contribution to supporting culture, arts and heritage across the county, investing over £1 million into the sector in 2017/18.

We value the enormous contribution that culture makes to the economy, to tourism and to people, bringing benefits to their learning and skills development and to their health and wellbeing. This is particularly important in a large and rural county where international culture led tourism is a major economic contributor.

From Holy Island to Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, from over seventy castles, areas of outstanding natural beauty and dark skies status, Northumberland’s landscapes and rich history are multi-layered, unique and breathtaking. 

Great Northumberland

This summer we supported Great Northumberland 2018 a programme and celebration of Northumberland and the many and varied cultural events that took place across the County.

This short film captures the highlights and marks the start of the Great Northumberland brand as we look to develop more and larger campaigns for the future.