Your council tenancy

Information about your tenancy and the support you will get form us in your home

All new tenants receive a visit from a housing officer within two weeks of moving in. This is to check that they have settled in and there are no problems.

At the visit we will fill in a form, covering issues such as rent, repairs and housing benefits. There will be time for the new tenant to ask questions and find out about the services we provide.

To speak to someone about your tenancy call 0345 600 6400
Many residents have reason to contact us on matters regarding their tenancy, whether this is to give notice to terminate a tenancy, to inform us of the death of a family member, or any other change in their personal circumstances. 

On any of these matters we encourage tenants to contact us for help and assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Tenants of Northumberland County Council can also join the national mutual exchange scheme if they wish to move to another part of the country.

This is called HomeSwapper and this service is free of charge. 
The housing team deal with many different forms of breaches of tenancy, including subletting, unkempt gardens and domestic abuse.

The Northumberland County Council tenancy agreement states:

"You must not inflict domestic violence or threaten violence against any other person.  You must not cause someone living in the property to leave because of harassment, violence or abuse".

Every tenant must adhere to all terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement whilst living in a council property.

All reports are dealt with within set timescales.

For anti-social behaviour complaints you can contact the Anti-social Behaviour Intervention Officers
on 0345 600 6400
We hold waiting lists for a number of sites across the areas we work in. Garage waiting lists are reviewed every year. Letters are sent to each applicant to see if they wish to remain on the list. If applicants fail to respond to these letters they may lose their place on the waiting list. To find out more call our Customer Contact Centre on 0345 600 6400
We work in partnership with a number of agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable tenants and make referrals where necessary to these agencies who offer different types of support.