Pupil performance data

How the council monitors pupil performance at schools across Northumberland.

The data unit undertakes data processing and analysis for schools in Northumberland and for the school improvement team within the local authority. This involves the collection, provision and analysis of performance data at group and individual child levels.

The data unit provides analysis and assessment techniques that support the local authority and schools to intervene effectively and gain a deeper understanding of the use of data to monitor pupil progress, identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses.

This includes staff training in software use and data analysis to help them target interventions effectively. The following information is provided by the data unit and can be accessed via the data platform:
  • school profiles and guidance
  • narrowing the gap reports
  • headline EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS4 and KS5 Reports
  • absence analysis
  • KS2 and KS4 analysis
  • pupil context and deprivation analysis
  • local authority and national comparative data
  • school partnership analysis
  • newsletter/data group meetings
  • SIMs guidance
  • ad hoc data requests, e.g. for Ofsted inspections.
Any requests or enquiries from schools can be directed through: dataunit@northumberland.gov.uk.