What can I do if I suspect a child or young person is being abused?

As a concerned member of the public, if you suspect or believe a child is suffering or is likely to suffer Significant Harm, including any form of mistreatment or abuse, you should report your concerns. Any referral will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Emergency: If a child is in immediate danger or left alone, you should contact the police or call an ambulance on 999.

You can report abuse and neglect by completing the forms at the links below, or use the numbers below:
Non-emergency: If this is a new contact then please ring:-

Onecall : 01670 536400
If you know a child already has a social worker then contact the social worker's telephone number, or if unavailable ring Onecall
For the 14+ Team please ring 01670 622930
Early Help Assessments

To make a referral to the Early Help Hubs please send your referral to :- earlyinterventionhub@northumberland.gov.uk   
For enquiries about completion or registrations of Early Help Assessments please contact Onecall01670 536400