Growing up and leaving school

Find out how SEND learners are supported after education.


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This information is for young people, their families and carers who may need a little bit of extra help getting ready for becoming an adult. It is about helping you plan for the future.

This information talks a lot about being independent. This does not mean having to do everything for yourself or doing things on your own. When we talk about being independent, this is about you doing as much for yourself as possible and learning new skills. Being independent is different for different people. To be independent we often need a lot of help and support from our family, friends and community.

There is lots of information on this website, so it might be helpful to ask someone to help you go through it. If you would like to download a copy for yourself click here. Lots of people will help you as you grow, including your family, friends, people at school, college and youth clubs. Talk to them about anything you are worried about.  

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Education and training

This page explains the Support available when moving on from school into college, training or looking for a job

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Where you to decide to live

This page helps you to decide on where to live

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Managing your money

This page gives advice on managing your money and any benefits you get.

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Friendships and relationships

This page gives you useful information about building relationships and having a safe social life.

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Staying healthy

This page gives you information about staying healthy and what to do if you are worried about your health.

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More support and useful contacts

This page provides a number of useful contacts that may be helpful when you are growing up and leaving school.

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Children’s social care (0-18 years) 

Where a child or young person has been assessed as having social care needs in relation to their SEN or Disabilities social care teams: 
  • provide early years providers, schools and colleges with a contact for social care advice on children and young people with SEN and Disabilities 
  • arrange provision under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act (CSDPA) 1970 when it is necessary and specified in an EHC Plan 

Adult social care (18 years or older) 

  • Young people with SEN or disabilities turning 18 may become eligible for adult social care services, regardless of whether they have an EHC plan or whether they have been receiving services from children’s social care. 
  • The Care Act 2014 sets out when young people are approaching, or turn, 18 and are likely to require an assessment for adult care and support.