Sure Start children's centres in Northumberland

Find out about more about Sure Start children's centres in Northumberland and where to find your nearest centre.

Sure Start children's centres aim to ensure all children get the best possible start in life. They're a focal point in every community, where families with children under five can access all the services and information they need. Here you can find out where your nearest Sure Start children's centre is, and what they can offer your family.

What does Sure Start do?

Sure Start promotes the physical, intellectual, and social development of babies and young children, so that they can flourish at home and at school. They do this by offering support to families, and coordinating all services for children under five.

Sure Start children’s centres:
  • offer families with children under five a friendly place to go and get information and support on health, work, and childcare
  • give help and advice on child and family health, parenting, money, training, and employment
  • provide Learning Together Through Play sessions for parents, carers, and their children
  • provide opportunities for families to develop new skills
  • offer outreach and home visiting, and services for children and parents who need it through the ‘early help’ process
  • provide early learning opportunities for pre-school children.

Registering at a Sure Start children's centre

If you are interested in registering with your local children’s centre, please speak to your health visitor to be referred. Alternatively, find your nearest Sure Start centre below and call the contact number provided.

Privacy notice

Click here to read the Early Help Team/Children's Centres privacy notice.

Please explore the blue drop down boxes below to find your nearest Sure Start children's centre or for more information about the services on offer. 

We have 15 children’s centres across Northumberland. We also have several play vans, packed with specialist equipment and materials to enable staff to support isolated communities.
Blyth Central Barnardos Jean Hedley 103 Wright Street, Blyth, NE24 1HG 01670 798800
Blyth West Barnardos Jean Hedley Devonworth Place, Cowpen, Blyth NE24 5AQ 01670 541150
Cramlington West Barnardos Jean Hedley Beaconhill First School Site, Langdale Drive, Cramlington NE23 8EH 01670 
Seaton Valley Barnardos Jean Hedley Western Avenue, Seaton Delaval, Newcastle NE25 0EP 01670 798800


Ashington/Morpeth Action for Children Lindsey Kirk Alexandra Road, Ashington NE63 9EF 01670 819988
Newbiggin Action for children Lindsey Kirk Cleveland Avenue, Newbiggin by the Sea, Northumberland NE64 6RR 01670 812751
Bedlington Action for children Sharron Johnson Stead Lane, Bedlington NE22 5JS 01670 822714


Berwick NCC           Vanessa Easton Ladywell Place, Tweedmouth,
TD15 2AE 01670 620461
Wooler NCC Vanessa Easton Wooler Fire Station, South Road,
NE71 6SN 01670 620425
Alnwick NCC Vanessa Easton St Michaels C or E School,
Howling Lane
NE66 1DJ 01670 620430
Rothbury NCC Vanessa Easton Rothbury Fire Station
Industrial Estate
NE65 7QJ 01670 761496
Coquet NCC Vanessa Easton Coquet Childrens Centre
Bondicar Road
NE65 9SR 01670 761496
Amble NCC Vanessa Easton Amble Links First School
NE65 0SA 01670 761496


Hexham NCC Jessica Barclay-Lambert Beaufront Avenue,
NE46 1JD 01434 601698
Bellingham NCC Jessica Barclay-Lambert Bellingham Primary School, Redesmouth Road, Bellingham NE48 2EN 07769
Prudhoe/Ponteland  NCC Jessica Barclay-Lambert Broomhouse Lane, Prudhoe NE42 5FT 01661 839350
Western Tynedale NCC Jessica Barclay-Lambert Woodhouse Lane, Haltwhistle NE49 9DP 01434 321761

Sure Start children’s centres offer universal and targeted services to families with children aged five or under.

Universal offer

Across all children’s centre localities in Northumberland, there are Learning Together Through Play (LTTP) sessions. These are drop-in sessions that support families on a number of important subjects, such as speech, play, and school readiness.

These sessions are represented by a ‘washing line’ that displays the support families will receive at various stages of their child’s growth.

Targeted offer

Early help involves working alongside our partners to identify emerging family issues quickly, before a crisis arises. This applies to children, young people, and families needing any sort of specialist services. It is about stepping in to prevent the escalation (worsening) of any issues or barriers a child may be facing. 

The Prevention and Intervention Pathway document can be used to identify what help is needed for each family. This document also includes links to particular services available at our children’s centres, such as Henry, the Freedom Programme, and the Recovery Toolkit.

Requesting/referring a family to a children's centre

Please use one of the forms below if both of the following statements are true:

  • you are making a referral for a family that is registered at a Sure Start children’s centre
  • you have their permission to make a referral.

Please fill in one of the following forms to select which prevention and intervention service is needed for the family you are referring: