Strategic Estates

Follow the links below to find information, guidance and resources for the strategic management of the Council’s property estate.


People examining a map of estates

About Strategic Estates

Learn more about strategic estates and how to contact the team.

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A person holding a key to a property

Land and building ownership

Find out more if you are interested in enquiring about the ownership of a piece of land or building.

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A grass field near a house

Garden Land Sales - Extending your Garden

Learn more about garden land sales.

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A old film camera with a spool of film

Filming or holding an event

Learn more about filming or holding events on land owned by the council.

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A house with for sale signs around

Property for sale or rent

Learn more about property/Land available for Sale/To Rent

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A person inspecting a house

Reporting an issue with a council property

Find out how to report an issue relating to a vacant building or a building repair.

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A person filling in some forms

Community Property Management

Learn more about Community Asset Transfer (CAT) and Community Right to Bid

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Plans for a new building

Self-build Sites

Find out more about land for self-building.

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