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Northumberland has a range of markets across the county that sell both local and general produce.

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If you’re a trader at one of our markets, or are interested in becoming one, this page contains all necessary information and documents you may need.

Blyth Market Revitalisation:

Want to receive up to £600 toward your costs to trade on Blyth Market? 
The council has teamed up with Blyth Town Council to revitalise the town’s market.  We want to increase the number of traders and expand the range of goods on offer at Blyth Market on Fridays and Saturdays. 
From 15 April 2017 an incentive scheme will be introduced for new and existing traders on Fridays and Saturdays.  The first 25 new traders who meet our trade criteria and sign up to the scheme will receive a weekly incentive payment for their first 20 weeks of trading, that could add up to £600 if they trade for all 20 weeks.  Terms and conditions apply.
Find out more from Neil Brown, market manager, on the contact details below.

Speciality markets:

We are seeking continental or speciality markets for 2017 for Northumberland.
Have you got something great to offer? If so contact us on the details below. 

Other special offers for traders:

There are also other special offers this spring for new and returning traders at:
  • Bedlington      
  • Prudhoe        
  • Hexham        

Contact us:

For more information about all special offices email or phone 07909 688174

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The table below shows vacancies for each market. If you wish to sell goods which are not in the list, you can still apply to be a trader to the relevant market officer.
Market Vacancies
Alnwick Ran by private organisation
For general enquiries contact 07783 557 116
Amble Ran by private organisation
For general enquiries contact 07775 803 145
Ashington ·        Bread/ bakery
·        Arts/ crafts/ hobbies
·        Cheese
Bedlington ·        Bread/ bakery
·        Arts/ crafts/ hobbies
·        Cheese
Berwick ·        Stalls selling bags/ suitcases etc.
·        Bedding/ towels
·        Shoes
·        Cut flowers
·        Fresh meat (but not pies/pasties)
·        CDs/DVDs but need to be careful to avoid forgeries
·        Mobile phone accessories
·        Toy stall
Blyth ·        Cut flowers
·        Food stalls such as cheese, jam, bread and local produce
·        Bedding/ towels/ cushions etc.
·        Garden ornaments, furniture and tools
·        Crockery and kitchenware
Haltwhistle ·        Bric-a-Brac
·        Book seller
·        Haberdashery
·        Crafts
·        Antiques
·        Baby clothes
·        Soaps
·        Footwear
·        Butcher
·        Savouries
Hexham Shambles Market ·        Bric-a-Brac
·        Book seller
·        Haberdashery
·        Crafts
·        Antiques
·        Baby clothes
·        Soaps
·        Footwear
·        Butcher
·        Savouries
Morpeth ·        Fresh cut flowers
·        Chocolate/ biscuits, scones/sweets
·        Craft stall
·        Clothing
Ponteland ·        Bric-a-Brac
·        Book seller
·        Haberdashery
·        Crafts
·        Antiques
·        Baby clothes
·        Soaps
·        Footwear
·        Butcher
·        Savouries
If you want to trade at one of our markets:
  1. Read through our customer charter and familiarise yourself with our market operating rules.
  2. Complete our new market trader application form.
  3. Send your application form to the relevant market officer (depending on which market you wish to trade at).
Here are the contact details for our market officers:
Market Market officer details
Alnwick Farmers Market
Market run by private organisation
For general enquiries contact 07783 557 116
Amble Market run by private organisation
For general enquiries contact 07783 557 116
Hexham Farmers Market Market run by private organisation
For general enquiries contact 07854 320 519
Ashington, Bedlington Email:
Blyth Email:
Berwick Email: or telephone: 01670 620490
Haltwhistle, Hexham, Prudhoe Email:
Morpeth, Morpeth Farmers Market Email:
Ponteland Email:
You can also help us by providing feedback on our services.

If you want to comment on the service provided, you can do so via:
The cost of trading differs depending on various factors, from the time of year, to weather conditions, market location and size of stall.

To find out how much it is to trade at one of our markets, please contact the relevant market officer who will be happy to talk it through with you.
Useful documents: Our customer charter
We’re committed to providing a quality market service, which contributes toward the economy. This charter sets out our commitment for providing the market service, the standards you can expect from us and how you can help us meet these standards.

The market service covers the provision and management of open markets throughout Northumberland.

We aim to:
  • ensure all people selling food comply with the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and Food Safety Act 1990
  • ensure all traders hold a valid public liability insurance certificate
  • provide an effective service to the public by reviewing and updating our procedures to take account of your views
What you can expect from us:
We will:
  • provide a helpful, friendly and courteous service
  • deal with queries and complaints from members of the public
  • maintain a register of market traders and products sold and make sure it is available for you
  • make sure market rules and regulations are complied with and the market area is a safe place to shop
  • remove all refuse and signage, and sweep the area leaving it clean and tidy for the next trading day
You can help us by:
  • telling us your concerns
  • treating employees in the same way you would wish to be treated
  • being considerate to other market traders and shoppers
Instructions for traders
While present on the market, traders must:
  • follow market rules
  • not cause an obstruction to pedestrians and vehicular traffic
  • refrain from causing a nuisance to the public and market traders when handing out leaflets or soliciting signatories to a petition
  • conduct themselves within the law with respect to common decency
  • not be abusive, racist or use inflammatory language or written material contrary to existing law
Right of refusal
  • The council reserves the right to refuse permission to a political party or campaign group to operate on a market if it reasonably believes any market rules or this protocol will be breached. A right of appeal rests with the head of neighbourhood services acting in consultation with the chief legal officer or service manager of democratic services.
Northumberland County Council has reviewed the types of products market traders are allowed to sell at market in an effort to improve public safety.

The move is in response to concerns from the public about secondhand electrical items being sold at the markets and the results of inspections carried out by trading standards officers who found significant safety and testing issues with some of the items on sale.

Market traders are no longer permitted to sell secondhand electrical goods and secondhand car parts on council-owned markets in the county. The selling of food products Advice for market traders Markets cancellation