Corporate plan

This page tells you about our corporate plan for 2018-21. You can find out about our key priorities & download a copy of the document.

This is the council’s main strategic planning document and is a clear statement of the vision, strategic aims and policy priorities of the authority.

Corporate Plan 2021-24​ 

In April 2022, the Council updated it's Corporate Plan, which outlines the Council’s priorities in the coming years while recovering from the Covid pandemic.  

Corporate Plan 2020-21​ (updated)

In April 2020, the Council updated it's Corporate Plan, which outlines its key achievements since May 2017, as well as reaffirming policy priorities to 2021.
Note: the Corporate Plan 2020-21 was prepared pre-COVID-19 - ambitious plans for recovery from the pandemic were approved by the Council’s Cabinet in June 2020 - this sets out how the Council and the county as a whole can recover from COVID-19 - further information is available here.


Corporate Plan 2018-21

In February 2018, the council approved its Corporate Plan for 2018 to 2021.