Northumberland Lord-Lieutenant

This section gives information about the Northumberland Lord-Lieutenant, her role and the things she does.

The Lord-Lieutenant is Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in the county. The unpaid post is administratively supported by the council.

The Lord-Lieutenant upholds the dignity of the Crown while encouraging volunteers and taking an active interest in the people of Northumberland.

Description: Lord Lieutenant
Her Grace, The Duchess of Northumberland.

photography by Margaret Whittaker

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip

It is with great sadness that the Northumberland Lieutenancy received the news that HRH The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on the 9 of April, 2021.

The Lord-Lieutenant has written to the Private Secretary to her Majesty The Queen requesting that the deepest sympathies of citizens in Northumberland be passed on to Her Majesty.

For further information, please consult

  • arrange visits by members of the Royal family and to escort Royal visitors
  • represent The Queen, including duties with the armed forces and presenting certain honours, medals and awards.
  • liaise with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated Cadet Forces
  • assess nominations for honours, both personal and for The Queen’s Award for voluntary service
The Lord-Lieutenant is supported by a vice lord-lieutenant and deputy lieutenants, people who have served the county in various ways. At present the Lord-Lieutenant of Northumberland is allowed up to 28 deputies.

The vice lord-lieutenant for Northumberland is Mrs Bryony Gibson

Deputy lieutenants
The number of deputies depends on the size of the population of the county.  At present the Lord-Lieutenant of Northumberland is supported by 26 deputies:
  • Col JPP Anderson TD
  • Col RM Festing OBE TD
  • His Grace The Duke of Northumberland
  • Mrs LME Camsell
  • Mrs J Bell
  • Lord Joicey
  • Lord Ridley
  • A Shearer OBE
  • Revd. JM Grieve
  • Mrs CA Pryer EdD Med NPQH DipEd
  • Mr SJ Birkett
  • Mrs PS Birley
  • Mr GG McCrory
  • Commander AS Collier
  • Mr SJ Harmison
  • Mrs C Malia
  • Ms K Tickell
  • Mr J H  Lovett
  • Col IB Speke
  • Mrs J Milburn
  • Mr W Browne-Swinburne
  • Mr J Malhotra
  • Miss CM Davison
  • Mrs RC Straker
  • Mr JFT Morrison-Bell
  • Mrs FA Lees-Millais
The Lord-Lieutenant is also supported administratively by the clerk to the lieutenancy, a role often taken on by the chief executive office of the local county.

  • Address: Northumberland Lieutenancy Office, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland NE61 2EF
  • Phone: 01670 623452
Bob Biggs – deputy clerk to the lieutenancy Tracy Hollan – lieutenancy officer
Royal visits
It is the duty of the Lord-Lieutenant to meet and attend The Queen and members of the Royal family on visits to Northumberland, unless the visit is private.

A member of the public may submit the invitation direct to the household concerned with regards to a visit. However, it is preferred that it is submitted through the Lord-Lieutenant. This allows the Lord-Lieutenant to offer an opinion on the merits of the proposal.

Northumberland has enjoyed visits from much of the Royal family in the past. There are usually three or four visits a year to all parts of Northumberland and usually the lieutenancy can arrange these to meet the expectations of the hosts. The Lord-Lieutenant welcomes early enquiries about potential invitations so that a sensible programme can be built and the relevant households contacted.

The lieutenancy office will coordinate arrangements for the visit with the host organisation and all enquiries are usually directed through the office.

Note: any Royal visits, honours presentations other engagements to be update here.
A message from The Queen is automatically sent to a person on their 100th, 105th and subsequent birthdays.

You can also request The Queen sends her congratulations on diamond (60th), 65th, and platinum (70th) wedding anniversaries and every year after that.

The anniversaries office at Buckingham Palace arranges these messages. Applications can be made online or you can ask the lieutenancy office to apply on your behalf.
The honours system recognises merit and service to the nation and can be awarded to anyone who has made a difference in their community.

Most awards are made in the Order of the British Empire, which has a number of levels including knight and dame.

If you know someone who deserves a national award, you can download a nomination pack from the Cabinet Office website.
The Queen’s award for voluntary service is the highest award given to volunteer groups for outstanding work done in local communities. Information about the criteria for nomination can be found in the link above. Nomination forms are also available to download.

Queen's award for enterprise
The Queen's awards for enterprise are highly prestigious awards for outstanding achievement in innovation, international trade or sustainable development. The Queen's award for enterprise promotion is awarded to individuals who encourage entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in others. The awards are made annually by Her Majesty the Queen, and are given for the highest levels of excellence. Winners receive a number of benefits and recognition globally.

Previous winners of the awards have come from a range of backgrounds and businesses.
Every year Her Majesty the Queen hosts a number of garden parties at Buckingham Palace. These have evolved into a way of rewarding and recognising public service. The Lord-Lieutenant has a small number of invitations allocated for people who have made a contribution in their local communities.
Each year up to three cadets can be selected to serve as the Lord-Lieutenant’s cadets. Each represents the sea cadets, army cadets or the air training corps across Northumberland. They assist as required on Royal visits, parades, military and civic events and church services.