This page will tell you about how the council deals with claims of fraud.

The council has a corporate fraud team who investigate fraud and irregularity allegations.

Fraud within the public sector costs the taxpayer billions every year. We’re committed to zero tolerance on all aspects of fraud.
We’re committed to tackling fraud and corruption, including:
  • council tax reduction
  • council tax discount and exemption
  • business rates
  • housing tenancy/right to buy
  • blue badge
  • offences committed by staff members and contractors
  • procurement
  • social care
  • grants
  • free school meals
Report it
We encourage confidence in reporting suspected illegal or illegitimate practices. Individuals who make disclosures are completely safe. If you suspect something, make an immediate note of your concerns and report them using one of the following methods: All reports will be noted, but some may be resolved informally. Concerns will be handled sensitively, in confidence and without fear.

We investigate with a view to:
  • criminal prosecution (dependent on circumstances) or pursuing internal disciplinary action
  • recovery of monies or property obtained through fraudulent acts
Click below to report corporate fraud to us:
Corporate fraud is people dishonestly claiming benefits or not telling us when their circumstances change.

Examples are people who:
  • work but don’t declare it when claiming benefit
  • claim as a single person but live with a partner
  • claim from an address, but don’t live there
  • don’t disclose their whole income, savings or capital when claiming benefit
You may report anonymously and information provided will be treated in confidence.

You can report corporate fraud via our online form below

Click below to report a problem: You can contact the team on 01670 624359
The Corporate Fraud Team
Northumberland County Council
Wansbeck Square
NE63 9XL
This section will tell you what blue badge fraud is, how to report it and how we can prevent it.

While the majority of blue badge holders use them responsibly, abuse of badges does take place and we take it very seriously. We have a dedicated team who work to investigate and prosecute blue badge misuse and fraud. If someone is found guilty, they can be fined up to £1,000 and badges could be withdrawn.
By the badge holder
  • parking in the wrong place or parking for too long where there is a time limit
  • use of a badge that is no longer valid
  • use of a badge that’s been reported lost or stolen
  • letting a friend or relative use the badge
  • use of a copied badge
  • altering the details, for example, the expiry date
  • making a fraudulent application or using a badge obtained fraudulently
By a third party
  • using someone else’s badge (with or without the badge holder’s knowledge) without the badge holder being present
  • using a badge belonging to someone who has died
  • copying, altering or making badges
  • using a stolen badge
  • using a fake badge 
If you suspect someone is abusing the blue badge scheme, please report it:
  • call our fraud hotline 01670 624359 
  • email
  • write to: The Corporate Fraud Team, Northumberland County Council, Wansbeck Square, Ashington, Northumberland, NE63 9XL
This information is kept confidential and reports can be made anonymously.
If you’re able to provide any of the information below, it will help with the investigation.
  • name of badge holder (if known)
  • name of person using badge (if known)
  • registration number of vehicle in which badge is usually displayed
  • badge serial number
  • badge expiry date
  • badge issuing authority (name of council - if known)
  • place where vehicle is usually parked/ badge is misused
  • time and day when vehicle is normally parked
  • details of why you think the badge is being misused