Pollution control - mobile crusher notification

also known as: Mobile Crusher, Part IIa, PartIIa, Permitted Plant, Relocation, Screening.

Notification of mobile permitted plant operating in Northumberland

Mobile Crusher Notification

Please contact us with the following information prior to operating a mobile crusher within Northumberland, if you do not hold an Environmental Permit issued by Northumberland County Council.

  • Operator (your company name)
  • Head Office / Base Address
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Dates of operation (approximate start and end dates)
  • Location (try to be as precise a possible)
  • Local Authority who issued your permit (this should be clear on your permit)
  • Permit reference number (this should also be clear on your permit)

Email: ehadmin@northumberland.gov.uk
Tel: 01670 623870
Fax: 01670 626059

Contact This Service

If you need to contact Public Protection regarding mobile plant movements please telephone the Public Protection Service on 01670 623870 (this line is only staffed during the normal working day and week) or email public.protection@northumberland.gov.uk.

The Council operates a number of "local" and out of hours telephone numbers for areas of Northumberland - Contact Us By Phone Here.