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Our strategy

also known as: Carers.

The 'Our Strategy' page describes the five priority areas contained within the Health and Wellbeing Strategy and shows how we are tackling the challenges and opportunities raised from our analysis of the evidence.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy focuses on those priority areas where major changes to health and social care is needed.  So, whilst good progress is being made on tackling some key issues such as blood pressure monitoring and smoking cessation; the Strategy concentrates on those areas where new developments are required to meet current and emerging challenges.

The Health and Wellbeing Strategy focuses on five key priority areas which will make a fundamental difference to the health and wellbeing of those who live in Northumberland:

  1. Focus on those children and families, who without some extra help and support early on, would be at risk of having poorer health, not doing as well at school, and not achieving their full potential in their lives.
  2. Focus on tackling some of the main causes of health problems in the County including obesity and diet, mental health and alcohol misuse.
  3. Supporting people with long term conditions to be more independent and have full choice and control over their lives.
  4. Making sure that all partners in Northumberland work well together and are clear about what they themselves need to do to help improve the health and wellbeing of local people.
  5. Making sure that all public services support disabled people and those with long term health conditions to stay active for as long as possible.

Supplementing and supporting the priorities contained within the Health and Well Being Strategy are a wealth of strategies, action plans, needs assessments and commissioning documents. For further information and to access these documents click on the links below :

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