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Innovation awards 2010

Innovation awards 2010


Innovation awards 2010

Northumberland County Council has been honoured at a special presentation evening after winning four major national awards.

Local Inovation Award 2010


The ‘Local Innovation Awards Scheme’ celebrates the achievements of local councils, police forces, fire services, schools, primary care trusts and other community partners. This recognition of the brightest ideas and most innovative programmes in local government will help share creative thinking, enable other local areas to see what is working best, and to review policies and practices. The new scheme is jointly led by Government, the Independent Advisory Panel, the Local Government Association (though the Improvement and Development Agency) and the public sector.



Inovation award winners


Carers as expert care partners

Carers Northumberland has established a virtual carers’ centre in a rural and sparsely populated area. The service has been developed jointly with carers and provides a County wide service. Bringing local projects together has made the service more sustainable and provided a high profile single point of contact for all carers.




Inivation awards 2010

Keeping children and young people safe in the community

Innovation shown in this application seeks to address serious concerns in the child protection system and fits with the vision to address the recommendations raised by Lord Laming. The project is focused on high risk young people who are the most difficult to respond to positively while realising benefits for the wider community in reducing the impact of their behaviour. It is linked to mainstream child protection activity but is reaching beyond traditional users to support young people with high levels of need. It is interesting in the way it has adapted the partnership and ensured senior buy in, connecting to the LSCB but working in a different way with the police.


Inovation award winners


Achieving more through partnerships
Rothbury Community Fire Station and Children’s Centre is a joint project by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Services, Children’s Services and SureStart. The new shared facility was opened in July 2009 and has delivered real benefits to the community for reduced cost. It also won two bright ideas categories.



inovation awards


Strengthening families

The Strengthening Families Project is a community family skills programme for mothers, fathers, carers, and young people. The project has been piloted in a local prison, bringing families together before the prisoner’s release. This is designed to strengthen the family unit and reduce the risk of re-offending.






The winners were expected to have worked together to come up with the best and brightest ideas or schemes for delivering even more effective and value for money public services. It is only through working in partnership that public sector bodies can really improve their communities.

Local Government Minister Rosie Winterton said: "The winners of the Local Innovation Awards 2010 are fantastic examples of how councils and their partners can come up with imaginative ideas for providing effective services in a tough economic climate. I was delighted to meet Northumberland at the awards ceremony in and I congratulate them on their well deserved success.

The Awards have been jointly designed by the Government, the Independent Advisory Panel, the Local Government Association and the local public sector and replace the Beacon scheme