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Sustainable Schools

This page provides information regarding the DfE National Framework for Sustainable Schools, using a framework of 8 doorways.

Supporting Northumberland Schools to become Sustainable Schools

Northumberland schools show enthusiasm and commitment for their work to develop pupils and care for each other, their local environment and the world around them. Many schools are working towards reducing their energy bills, all schools now have travel plans and many have begun to take steps towards becoming Eco-Schools accredited.


We hope that this website will provide schools with a signpost to find support and resources; both locally and nationally based in their quest to become even more environmentally aware, promoting activity across each of the eight sustainable schools doorways (listed below).

Supporting Northumberland schools to becoming Sustainable Schools is important to Northumberland County Council. We recognise the important role that schools and young people have in influencing their families and believe that by working together we can make a difference to our environment.



The Department for Children, Schools and Families published Sustainable Schools for Pupils, Communities and the Environment in 2006. The National Framework for Sustainable Schools has eight doorways (see below) and provides recommendations for each that show how schools can develop work across the curriculum, campus and community by 2020. This date is fast approaching.


Sustainable Events (Dates for your Diaries). 
This page provides information and dates regarding upcoming events and awareness days. 


What's New This Month

This page contains the latest news, updates and resource ideas for Sustainable Schools.


In June 2010, Ofsted published a report entitled To Sustainability and Beyond - Inspecting and Reporting on Progress in Sustainable Development.  This report provides further information regarding sustainable development ~ please click on the link to view the full report.  Please click here to access the Ofsted website


In December 2009, Ofsted published Education for Sustainable Development, which illustrates various recommendations.


Although many initiatives such as Eco-schools and Health Schools exist to direct schools towards their sustainable goals, we feel there is a need to provide a central resource to link all these national ideas with help and support which can be found locally.

This web site attempts to combine links to national resources with local resources and examples of good practice already found in Northumberland.

Check this website regularly as we will be constantly updating it with case studies, opportunities for funding and ‘what’s new’ pages giving news and developments which are of relevance to the sustainable schools agenda.


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