Funding for Sport & Play

also known as: Housing Developer Fund, s106 Funding for Sport and Play.

Funding for Outoor Sport and Play using section 106 housing developer contributions

General information

Section 106 Agreements are sometimes entered into with housing developers to fund sport and play (as well as other infrastructure items ie road, roundabouts) in certain areas of Northumberland. The methods for collecting such monies are based on existing supplementary planning documentation from the former districts and this documentation remains in place until the new Local Development Framework is introduced. This means that the amounts collected and the items/projects on which the monies can be spent can vary throughout Northumberland.

Currently limited funding may be available in certain areas as follows :

Northumberland County Council is keen to see the development and improvement of children's play and outdoor sports and recreation facilities in Northumberland.

S106 housing developer contributions are collected in a variety of ways based on historical supplementary planning documents produced prior to the Local Government Review. At the moment contributions can only be collected in the manner previously agreed through the planning process. In most of Northumberland S106 monies are collected based on individual agreements for a specific amount for a specifically agreed purpose. However, in certain areas of Northumberland (South East, former Tynedale and parts of the North) S106 monies are collected and may be spent in specific geographical areas on a variety of sports, play and recreation projects. NB: there is differing criteria in each of these areas.

Please note the collection of S106 monies is due to change when the new Community Infrastruture Levy is introduced during 2015/16.

What can be funded?

The funding is for capital items only for children's play areas or outdoor sports facilities plus indoor sports in certain areas as well as recreation facilities in areas of the North. The funding can be for new facilities or improvements to existing ones for example:

  • new children's play areas
  • new sports pitches / areas
  • new equipment in an existing play area
  • upgrading of facilities for outdoor sports such as changing rooms
  • Specialised sports equipment eg Cricket Roller

Projects must be within specified locations and be open to the general public. Where a local sports club or school is looking to develop or improve facilities, it needs to include appropriate arrangements for wider community use.

Who can apply?

Projects must be located in the specific geographical areas mentioned and applications can be made by non-profit making / constituted organisations such as:

  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Community groups
  • Resident's Associations
  • Sports Clubs (subject to the Council being satisfied with arrangement for community use)
  • Schools (subject to the Council being satisfied with arrangements for community use)
  • Council Departments

Individuals or businesses are not eligible for funding.

How much funding is available?

As funding comes via contributions from housing developers for the specific areas, the level of funding available will depend upon the amounts collected at the time and also requests from other projects in the same area. This means that funding can be limited and in some areas there will be no funding available.

How can I apply for funding?

Applications for funding should be made by completing the Housing Developer Fund application form which can by downloaded using the link below. Please note all the links at the end of this page (Useful Documents Download) also contain useful information to help with the completion of the application form. Alternatively, 0345 600 6400 or click here for local telephone numbers for an application pack or email:

Applications will be considered by a cross officer panel which will meet according to the timetable below and which will make recommendations for approval (applications over £100k will be subject to a longer approval process).

Housing Developer Fund (former Tynedale Area) Application Rounds 2015/16

Round Deadline for receipt of applications Panel meeting date Result of application by:
1 Friday 20 February 2015 Tuesday 10 March 2015 Friday 20 March 2015
2 Friday 22 May 2015 Tuesday 9 June 2015 Friday 26 June 2015
3 Friday 21 August 2015 Tuesday 8 September 2015 Friday 25 September 2015
4 Friday 20 November 2015 Tuesday 8 December 2015 Wednesday 23 December 2015
5 Friday 19 February 2016 Tuesday 8 March 2016 Friday 25 March 2016

How can I get further information?

General advice, advice on how to apply and application procedures call: 0345 600 6400 or click here for local telephone numbers or email: Maureen Dixon at

For Information on how much s106 money may be available in your area email: Heather Proudlock, s106 Officer at

Useful application pack documents to download

General advice, advice on how to apply and application procedures call: 0345 600 6400 or click here for local telephone numbers or email

Click here for a list of project in South East Northumberland which have received awards from the Housing Developer Fund since June 2012