Corporate Fraud

also known as: Fraud.

Corporate Fraud

Fraud Investigation

The Council has a Corporate Fraud Team which is a specialist investigative unit established to investigate allegations of fraud and irregularities.

Fraud within the public sector costs the taxpayer billions of pounds each year. We are committed to a zero tolerance of fraud, corruption, bribery and/or money laundering within or against the organisation, public money, its partners, contractors and also the community we serve.

Types of Fraud

The Corporate Fraud Team are committed to the prevention, detection and investigation of various types of fraud and corruption, including:

  • Benefit
  • Council Tax Reduction
  • Council Tax Discount and Exemption
  • Business Rates
  • Housing Tenancy/Right to Buy
  • Blue Badge
  • Offences committed by staff members and contractors
  • Procurement
  • Social Care
  • Grants
  • Free School Meals

Report It

We encourage everyone to feel confident in raising any serious concerns they have about suspected illegal or illegitimate practices within the Council or any other concerns they have over any aspect of the Council’s operations or its conduct.

Our Whistleblowing policy provides the protection for individuals who make such disclosures and explains how these will be investigated.

If you suspect someone of committing any of the types of fraud described above you should make an immediate note of your concerns and report them using the one of the following methods:

All concerns will be looked at, but not all will warrant a full investigation; it may be that some matters can be resolved informally. All concerns raised will be handled sensitively and in confidence and without the fear of victimization, discrimination or harassment.

We will investigate cases with a view to:

  • Prosecution through the courts (depending upon the circumstances) or pursuing internal disciplinary action
  • Recovery of any monies or property obtained through the fraudulent act(s)

Please click below to report a corporate fraud to us:

5Report corporate fraud online here

Corporate fraud is where people claim benefit, including housing benefit and council tax support, that they are not entitled to by giving false information or not telling us when their circumstances change.

Some examples of corporate fraud are:

  • people who work but do not declare it when they claim benefit.
  • people who claim as a single person but actually live with a partner.
  • people who claim from an address, but do not actually live there.
  • people who do not tell us the full amount of their income, savings or capital when they claim benefit. fraud.

You can remain completely anonymous and any information you provide will be treated in confidence.

If you suspect that somebody is committing corporate fraud you can report it to us by completing our online form below

Please click below to report a problem to us:

5Report corporate fraud online here

You can contact the fraud team direct on the fraud hotline: 01670 624359

The Corporate Fraud Team
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