Childcare - out of school hours

Information about out of school hours for childcare

Out of School Clubs are usually based in or near schools . Out of school services are registered with Ofsted if they look after children that are under 8 years old, and inspected regularly. They are run outside school hours by a team of staff, usually called playworkers. Activities should be planned to help children learn, play and relax with their friends. Playworkers will often pick children up from local schools. For further information about Out of School Clubs and any other childcare needs get in touch with The Families Information Service on Freephone 0800 023 4440, and they will be able to send you out a list of the Out of School Clubs in your area.  


  • Children can learn, relax after school and have fun with their friends
  • Geared to the needs of children with working parents

What are the different types of out of school service?

Before School - open in the mornings before school some schools have a breakfast club. Hours may vary.

After school clubs - open in the afternoons between around 3.00 - 6.00 pm. For further information contact the Families Information Service Freephone 0800 023 4440 

Holiday Playschemes - open during school holidays for more information contact the Families Information Service Freephone 0800 023 4440

How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

First of all you know your child best - look for an out of school service you feel will be suitable for your child. Out of school services registered with Ofsted Early Years are checked to make sure the staff are suitable to look after children. There are rules on training and on the ratio of staff to children, depending on the ages of the children catered for. A check is also done on the premises of the out of school service to ensure it is safe and suitable for children. After registration an annual inspection is carried out to ensure a safe and suitable service is being provided. Some out of school services do not currently have to register with Ofsted, for example those which cater solely for children aged over eight.

How many children will there be?

Most out of school services provide places for between 10 and 40 children although this can vary.

What age range of children will be there?

Most children attending out of school services are aged between 5 and 11. Some services provide wrap around places for three and four year olds to fit around nursery or pre-school education. Some services provide places geared for older children aged 10-14.

When will services be open?

Out of school services can open before school and care for children after school until approximately 6pm.

What about part-time childcare?

Many out of school services will be happy to offer you part-time childcare. You may need to book regular sessions to make sure a place is available when you need it.

How much will it cost?

For information on costs please get in touch with the Families Information Service freephone 0800 023 4440 or alternatively call 01670 623563.  You can also email the FIS at