Our help

Our help

The Northumbria Local Resilience Forum is not a statutory body, but each of its members have statutory duties under the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004.

Their duties are to co-operate and work together to identify the risks likely to or actually affecting Northumbria, publish their assessment of those in the community risk register and make necessary plans to prevent, mitigate or deal with impacts of those risks.

You can see examples of these plans in our library section. Some are not available to the public, due to confidential content. 

The forum doesn’t have any personnel, workforce or resources so can’t respond to any emergency incident. It can, however, ensure that member bodies are well placed to give assistance and offer mutual aid to each other when required.

The forum is able to facilitate the inter-agency working required, both in Northumbria and nationally, to give effect to the various plans for dealing with the identified risks and promote awareness through making those plans available to the public through this website and other communication media. 

When an emergency has impacts which cross local authority boundaries, or is of such a scale that individuals cannot deal with the issues alone, the forum may come together as a strategic co-ordinating group (SCG) by declaring a Major Incident to provide a multi-agency co-ordinated response to the threats and impacts. (see LRF Multi Agency Major Incident Declaration Protocol here)

These will normally be chaired by the police or other appropriate agency until the emergency is over. The recovery phase will then be led by the relevant local authority or agency.

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