Northumbria Local Resilience Forum

Northumbria Local Resilience Forum

Here you will find information about this vital emergency response forum.

Northumbria Local Resilience Forum

The forum consists of organisations and agencies involved with emergency response in communities across Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.

What is the Northumberland Local Resilience Forum?
The forum was developed as part of the Civil Contingencies Act to co-ordinate an effective and efficient response to civil emergencies.

This can include incidents involving the police, fire & rescue service, ambulance service, NHS bodies and local authorities.

During emergencies, we will also publish information about what is happening, where to find further information and how you can help.
What information is on the website?
There are helpful sections about how to help yourself, your business and your community during emergencies.

This includes ways that you can pre-empt emergencies, and advises you on how to best plan for these situations.

There is also a section about how to deal with an emergency and how to recover afterwards.

It also tells you about the other agencies that work with us, and the legislation that we, and our partners, are governed by.