After an emergency

After an emergency

Once an emergency incident has been dealt with and any risk to people, property and/or the environment has been dealt with, the recovery phase will begin for you, your family and your community.

Actions to consider:

  • If the all clear has been given, and you have remained in your property, check externally for any damage and, if any is identified, contact your insurer (or landlord if you live in rented property).
  • If there is structural damage contact your local council (see links page) for advice on safety of your building and any action required.
  • If you have evacuated during the emergency carry out an external visual inspection around the house before entering the property. Only if there is no obvious structural damage should you enter the property to look for any internal damage or effects from the emergency.
  • When entering the property do not switch on lights, electrical equipment or have any naked lights until you are satisfied there is no smell of gas (if used in the property).
  • If there is internal damage again contact your insurer (or landlord) and do not carry out any remedial work until they have given their authorisation.
  • Consider if there are any elderly or vulnerable neighbours who might need your assistance.
  • Flooding presents a number of risks to health, drowning being the most obvious. Serious injury can be caused by falling into fast flowing water or from hidden dangers under the water, such as missing manhole covers. The stress and strain of being flooded and cleaning up can have a notable impact on mental health and wellbeing.
  • Consider what future resilience you can build into your property and what support might be available - see

Health advice:

Please remember: 

Your local council, emergency services and/or utility providers may still be dealing with the aftermath and people and property affected by the emergency, so services may not be available as quickly as normally provided. Please be patient.

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