After an emergency

After an emergency

If you refer to the opening page of this section, Help Your Community, you will see a reference to the community resilience programme, you can get guidance from this on how you might help your community after any emergency.

Severe weather or flooding events can have significant effects on communities both environmentally and psychologically. The need to come together and support each other in those type of events is particularly important  for the longer term recovery. Be aware and keep an eye out for neighbours showing signs of stress after such events and try to guide the to appropriate support services.

Some agencies will continue to work in, be available to and assist communities well after the actual incident has passed. Alert them to any concerns you might have for yourself or for others.

If you yourself have been affected by the event you can look to your local council for assistance. They will normally establish a humanitarian assistance service or centre where you can get advice on all aspects of the recovery and restoration process from how to safely dispose of damaged goods to insurance and accommodation advice.

You can promote these services to others affected in your community who might need similar assistance or help - vulnerable, disabled or hard to reach neighbours may not readily access such support themselves so your assistance will help them access the support available. You can also submit names and contact details of such people to the humanitarian assistance service so they can make contact directly.

If you are able, you can help with the recovery and restoration programme in assisting with clearance of debris or other materials from your own and neighbours' property in a safe manner. Be aware that some debris may be contaminated and you should follow any guidance regarding the safe clearance of materials which can be provided by the council, Environment Agency or other agencies involved.  If you volunteer to assist with wider community clean-up programmes the managing service will give you the necessary health and safety advice and personal protective equipment to participate safely.

Depending on the type and effects of the Emergency there may be local fund raising activities established to support those affected. There may also be local commemorative events and activities organised to acknowledge the event and those affected. It is your personal choice as to how you become involved in these.
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