After an emergency

After an emergency

Consider what you need to do for your recovery process

What arrangements have you identified in your business continuity plan (BCP)?
  • Clean up - Is special(list) cleaning services/equipment required for clean up? Is it readily available?
  • Insurance - Does your policy cover business disruption due to emergencies?
  • Premises - Do you need to relocate? Are suitable premises identified in your plan? Are suitable premises available immediately?
  • Staff - Are all staff safe? If you have to relocate, can staff access new premises easily? Is transport required? Do you need additional staff?
  • Data - Has all data been secured and backed up to allow for re-installation when premises re-open?
  • Processes - Can processes be re-established or transferred easily/quickly to minimise disruption?
  • Suppliers - Can suppliers identify and access any relocation facility?
  • Customers - Can customers access premises easily/safely?
  • Communications - Do you need to publicise any changes in location/service? 

Lessons to be learned

  • At the earliest opportunity, carry out a debrief of key staff to see what went well and what didn't, and what may need to be changed in your BCP from the lessons to be learned.
  • Record the issues and identify appropriate responses / changes to be made and review the BCP against those.
  • When you've reviewed and revised your BCP make sure all staff know what is in it and their role(s).   
  • Consider what future resilience you can build into your property and what support might be available - see

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