Northumbria Local Resilience Forum

The Northumbria Local Resilience Forum consists of organisations and agencies involved with emergency response in our communities across the Northumberland and Tyne and Wear area.

Local resilience forums were developed under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to co-ordinate the actions and arrangements between responding bodies in the area - to provide the most effective and efficient response to civil emergencies when they occur (see role of local resilience forum).

Visit the site to find out more about the risks the forum has identified in our area and the plans we have put in place to ensure that our communities are resilient and robust.

This website provides local people and businesses with information and advice on steps you can take to be better prepared before, during and after an emergency.

At times of emergency, this website will be used to publish information about what is happening, how the emergency is being managed, where to find further information and how you can assist. It will also direct any enquiries to the North East Information Line (NEIL) - 08456 004 004.

For more information please contact us. Alternatively, view our news bulletins here.