The Environment Agency describes fly-tipping as the illegal dumping of waste. It can cause a range of problems for people, animals and the environment.

From 1 September 2014 we are introducing changes to the household waste permit scheme. Find out more here

We encourage people to report fly-tipping as this helps us to keep Northumberland clean.

Please click below to report a problem to us:

5Report a fly-tipping problem here

5Report hazardous waste fly-tipping here

Or you can contact us here.

Please try to record as many details as possible so that the fly-tipping incident can be dealt with as efficiently as possible. For example, did you witness the fly tipping? Did you see any vehicles involved? What kind of items have been tipped? Remember, don’t try and move the items yourself as they could be hazardous.

The Environment Agency advises the following:

“Before you take action, make sure it's safe to do so. Be extremely careful. Some wastes can be hazardous. Do not open bags or drums. Piles of soil may be contaminated or they may be hiding dangerous material. Remember that fly-tippers are doing something illegal - they are unlikely to welcome people observing them or taking notes or photographs”

If fly-tipping is reported on land not within our control we will try to contact the land owner responsible

Did you know?

  • It is estimated to cost £100-£150 million every year to investigate and clear up. The cost falls on taxpayers and private landowners.
  • Fly-tipping poses a threat to humans and wildlife, damages our environment, and spoils our enjoyment of our towns and countryside.
  • Areas subject to repeated fly-tipping may suffer declining property prices and local businesses may suffer as people stay away” (Environment Agency).

Please click here for further information on fly-tipping from the Environment Agency

1. Use an Authorised Waste Carrier

It is possible to check whether or not the contractor you have hired is listed as an Authorised Waste Carrier. Please click here for further information on Authorised Waste Carriers from the Environment Agency. Once on this page, please click on Authorised Waste Carriers. Here you can check which contractors in your area are registered to carry waste. You can also ask your contractor for a waste carrier number.

2. Use our Household Waste Recovery Centres

Northumberland householders can use one of 12 Household Waste Recovery Centres across the county to recycle and dispose of a wide range of materials.

Please note these centres are for waste from Northumberland householders only and some vehicles require a permit.

More information is available on the HWRC pages here.

3. Use the hazardous household waste collection service

Please click here for further information on the hazardous household waste collection service for Northumberland residents