Coporate parenting

Coporate parenting

Corporate parenting

All council employees, service areas, departments, directorates and elected members must consider looked-after children and young people as if they were their own children and provide services for them accordingly.

All council services will work together, with partner agencies such as health, housing and leisure to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people looked after by Northumberland County Council.

This involves having the best educational and leisure opportunities, ensuring that their health and welfare is taken care of, and that they receive encouragement, praise, support and preparation towards independence.

Corporate parenting panel

Elected members (councillors) have an important role to play in overseeing the services provided for looked-after children and young people to make sure that the services are improving their outcomes.

They must ensure that the services would be good enough for their own children.

Northumberland County Council has a corporate parenting panel which meets every three months.

There are a number of councillors on the panel which is chaired by Councillor Lesley Rickerby, who is the lead member for children and young people.

Half an hour of every meeting is for young people to share things with the corporate parenting panel.