Regional & national links

Regional & national links


Y-PIN is a representative body of young people from all aspects of Northumberland that aims to show the good side of a regularly stereotyped generation.

Meeting regular at a number of youth centres across Northumberland, Y-PIN are working on a wide range of projects.

The Youth Cabinet of Northumberland

This is an elected group of 10 young people, who have been given the mandate by teenagers in county-wide elections to take the young persons voice directly to the county council.

The youth cabinet have run mock elections in numerous middle schools, allowing the students to see at first hand how their vote makes a difference.

They are organising charity events to raise money and awareness for teenage cancers and they are running a climate change competition to encourage young people to make a difference in their high schools.

Alongside this, the youth cabinet have regular meetings with the leader of the county council, taking the young persons voice right to the top.

For more information on what they do visit:

The UKYP (UK Youth Parliament)

This is a national organisation of elected young people who debate the key issues concerning teenagers from across Britain and put pressure on the politicians to take notice.

Northumberland has two representatives on the UKYP who are working to see improvements on transport and promoting democracy for young people and much else.

The UKYP has made history by holding debates within both the House of Lords and House of Commons showing the importance of this group in making important heads turn.

Visit for more information on what they do.