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Health Advisory Team for Looked After Children (LAC)

Children’s Services Safeguarding Unit
163 Langdale Drive, Beaconhill, Cramlington.  NE23 8EH
Judith Capstick-Meredith – designated nurse LAC
Tel:  01670 593643   email:
Mobile:  07836330196

Kate Moody – lead nurse for LAC
Tel: 01670 593601    email:

Mary Howes – administrative assistant
Tel:  01670 593631   email:

Sandra Hedley – administrative assistant
Tel:  01670 593630   email:

Dr Anna Redfearn – designated doctor LAC
Tel:    01670 396467  email:

Blyth Health Centre, Thoroton StreetBlyth.  NE24 1DX
We are responsible for identifying and ensuring that the health needs of Northumberland LAC are addressed. We work closely with colleagues across the agencies offering advice, support and signposting to appropriate services for LAC, their carers and staff.

Health assessments
An initial health assessment should be completed within 28 days of a child/young person becoming ‘looked-after’. A review health assessment is completed annually, or every six months if the child is under five years of age.

On completion of the health assessment, a health care plan is drawn up, highlighting action points and identifying the person responsible for following them up.  A copy of the health care plan is then circulated for information and filing to carers, social worker, GP, health visitor, school nurse and reviewing officer. 

If appropriate, copies will also be sent to LAC, birth parents, and paediatrician. We will signpost young people, carers and staff to relevant health services and will make the necessary referrals for additional appointments and support to address specific health issues.

The LAC health team can be contacted by phone, email or mobile (designated nurse).

SORTED offer a drugs and alcohol service to young people. For information please see their website: