Education & ESLAC

Education & ESLAC

Education Support for Looked-After Children (ESLAC)

Within the children’s services directorate there is a multi-disciplinary team who work to promote and support the education of looked-after children.

Education Support for Looked-After Children (ESLAC) is based at The Edzone,  Wansbeck Young Peoples Centre, South View, Ashington, NE63 0SF.

Contact details

Education Support for Looked After Children
Wansbeck Young People’s Centre
South View
NE63 0SF The objectives of the team are:
  • to improve the educational attainment of looked after children
  • to ensure that looked after children are prioritised and fast tracked where ever possible within the policies and protocols of other services within the county council, for example school admissions
  • to monitor the performance of looked after children and use cohort data to inform future service provision
  • to establish and maintain a network at both local and strategic level to promote the education of looked after children
  • to advise and support schools and social care staff in matters relating to the education of looked after children
  • to remain up to date with the latest DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families) advice and good practice

Who are we?

Toni  McGuire - team leader - email:
  • manages and promotes the work of the team
Tim Wyncoll - teacher - email:
  • working with young people in our centre
Sheila Kirkup - senior education support worker - email:
  • supports carers and young people in accessing out of school activities and co-ordinates PEP and PEA (personal education plan and personal education allowance) process
Linda Lynch - education support worker - email:
  • working in specific schools ensuring PEP and PEA (personal education plan and personal education allowance) process is up to date
Tara Prescott - education support worker - email:
  • working in specific schools ensuring PEP and PEA (personal education plan and personal education allowance) process is up to date
Debbie Tomkinson - education support worker - e-mail:
  • working in specific schools ensuring PEP and PEA (personal education plan and personal education allowance) process is up to date
Peter Green - learning mentor - e-mail:
  • works with KS4 pupils who are attending school and working towards GCSEs
Adele Stevens - admin support - e-mail:

General enquiries - e-mail:

What type of support can we offer?

  • classroom support in school
  • additional teacher time in school
  • teacher time after school to help you catch up
  • extra help after school with some GCSE revision
  • loan of educational software
  • ensure that all KS4 pupils have access to a computer to support homework and coursework
  • ensure that Yr 11 students have the support of a learning mentor from outside of the school
  • ensure that KS4 students have the appropriate GCSE revision guides
  • negotiate with schools re alternative timetables etc
  • support re integration programmes
  • support social workers when a change of school is required
  • access to additional educational psychologist time and advice
We also provide training and awareness raising for other professionals who may work with looked-after children.

How can I access this service?

We do not have a complicated referral procedure, simply telephone or email as detailed at the beginning of this web page.  We are always pleased to talk to young people and will accept referrals from:
  • carers
  • social workers
  • parents
  • teachers
A personal education plan is prepared for each looked-after child.

Client group

Any child of statutory school age who is ‘looked after’ by Northumberland children’s services, i.e. S20 Accommodated, S38 Interim Care Order, S31 Care Order (Children Act 1989)

Role of ESLAC

  • working with school
  • funding of support staff
  • advice to school staff
  • support to prevent exclusion
  • support re-integration
  • access to IT equipment
  • additional Ed Psych time

Working with young people

  • teaching, classroom support, break/lunchtime
  • support, mentoring, homework/coursework
  • support, re-integration support, school transfer, additional teaching when excluded
  • working with social workers and carers
  • unravelling education jargon & procedures
  • supporting re-difficulties in school
  • advertising/encouraging leisure activities
  • advice/support re-change of school

The Edzone

  • fully equipped teaching centre
  • registered AQA exam base
  • excel Skills for Life online testing centre
  • work to re-engage disaffected young people with education
  • support carers when children are excluded

Data collection

  • tracking young people in school: GCSE & SAT results, attendance, exclusions
  • completion of DfES & DoH returns


Forging partnerships and protocols with any agency that should or could be providing a service or facility that would benefit LAC.


  • championing the young people in ‘public care’
  • challenging attitudes
  • ensuring that looked-after children receive equal access to facilities and opportunities


Provision of training and awareness raising sessions for teachers, social workers, carers, and other professionals who work with young people.

Referral procedure

We do not have a complicated referral procedure. The team can be contacted by any professional involved with the young person, including parents and carers. We are also pleased to hear from young people themselves.