Working safely during coronavirus

Find information and guidance on working safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

During the national lockdown, our businesses should take all reasonable steps to help their staff work from home. If staff cannot work from home and must attend the workplace, then businesses should ensure their workplaces our Covid secure.

Guides on working safely during coronavirus

The Government have produced 14 guides that cover a range of different types of work - click here to view guides for working safely during coronavirus.

NHS Test and Trace - maintaining records

Designated venues in certain sectors must have a system in place to request and record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff to help break the chains of transmission of coronavirus.

Click here to see if your business or venue must have a record system in place. This link also includes information on what information you need to collect, how to display NHS QR posters, how records should be maintained and more.

If a staff member is contacted by NHS Test and Trace

The Government have produced guidance on what to do if you or someone you employ is contacted by NHS Test and Trace, including self-isolation and financial support. You can read the full guidance here.

Click on the following links to view:
Find guidance about COVID-19 outbreak management for your business.

Early outbreak action cards

Public Health England have produced action cards for owners, managers and operators of business venues to quickly identify and contain any potential COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace. Advice includes:
  • Identifying an outbreak of COVID-19
  • Reporting the outbreak to your local health protection team
  • Working with your local health protection team to respond
Each situation has an individual Action Card which provides specific COVID-19 Early Outbreak Management Information for that location.

Click on the drop-down options below to find the action card for your business:
There is a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19 in premises where customers and visitors spend a longer time in one place and potentially come into close contact with other people outside of their household.

Designated venues in certain sectors must have a system in place to request and record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff to help break the chains of transmission of coronavirus.

Which venues need to display the NHS QR code poster?

Establishments in the following sectors, whether indoor or outdoor venues or mobile settings, must request contact details from staff, customers and visitors, and display the official NHS QR code poster:
  • hospitality, including pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés
  • tourism and leisure, including hotels, museums, cinemas and amusement arcades
  • close contact services, including hairdressers, barbershops and tailors
  • community centres, libraries and village halls
A full list of organisations within scope in these sectors can be found here.

If you have a venue outside of these categories 

If you have a venue outside of there categories that is visited by members of the public and has a space where people congregate, then we also encourage you to create a QR code poster for the entrance to that venue.

Why does my venue need to display an official NHS QR code poster?

By maintaining records of staff, customers and visitors, and displaying an official NHS QR poster, you will help NHS Test and Trace to identify and notify people who may have been exposed to the virus.

Full details on the purpose of maintaing records and displaying an official NHS QR poster can be found here.

Registering for and using the NHS QR code poster

If your venue falls into the categories above, you MUST register for an official NHS QR code and display the official NHS QR poster - click here to get started and create a poster to display in your venue.

Displaying and using the NHS QR poster

More information

Click on the drop-down tabs below to find out more about NHS QR code posters:
If your business, organisation or event operates across multiple venues, you will need to create at least one poster for each unique location. You should display posters at all entry points to your venue.

You should use the same poster at each of these points unless you have a very large venue. 

The number of posters you will need will depend on the size of your venue.
If you operate a very large venue, such as a conference centre, stadium or music venue, you may need to create separate NHS QR code posters for different areas within the venue.
We suggest that you create NHS QR code posters for different entrances, spaces, or seating and viewing areas if they are areas where people are likely to congregate for more than 15 minutes and be less than 2 metres apart.  
NHS QR code posters should be displayed at the entrances to these different spaces within the venue. This will allow contact tracing and public health advice to be more precise.
Any notifications to app users will not mention the name of the venue, only that that the user was at a venue recently where they may have come into contact with coronavirus.
QR code posters for offices are only likely to be needed where there is a high amount of external visitors or where workers cannot easily be identified or notified (for example by email) if there was a potential outbreak linked to the site.