Boxing academy

The Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service boxing academy is a project run by local firefighters in their own time. The academy is open to people of all ages from 10 years old and upwards. Come along to join a class – the first session is free.

The aims and objectives of the boxing academy are to "commit to long-term, meaningful engagement within all areas of the community, to promote and develop young men and women with the personal qualities and attributes we value as firefighters, and to act as role models and mentors to help mould the citizens of tomorrow’.


Come along to join one of our classes. No matter what your ability, there will be a class suitable for you. The first session is free so you have absolutely nothing to lose but a great deal to gain.

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Boxing gym opening times
  • Monday – 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Wednesday – 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Friday – 6.30pm to 8.30pm
The boxing academy is held at West Hartford Community Fire Station:

West Hartford Community Fire Station
West Hartford Business Park
NE23 3JP
Your strength as a self-assured person comes from self-esteem. One of the primary benefits of boxing is that it is a sport that makes you feel empowered. The sport allows you to be aware of your positive qualities and abilities, as well as recognising your faults, mistakes and shortcomings.

When boxing, you learn to understand the need to change things and manoeuvre through difficult fighting situations without becoming defensive. This carries into your everyday life, including relationships and careers.

Being self-assured does not mean cocky, as boxing can be a very humbling experience. The attributes of a good boxer mirror many of the personal attributes of a good firefighter.

Both require courage, discipline, dedication, focus and respect for others. Both boxing and firefighting can be considered dangerous, yet there are safeguards and safe measures in place so it is perfectly safe. 
The boxing academy is fully supported by Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service in a number of ways:
  • The service has provided suitable, rent free premises and has committed to meeting all utility and maintenance costs of the building, which is why the boxing academy fees are so low.
  • The service and other local sponsors provided funding for the initial set up costs of the academy, providing a boxing ring and equipment.
  • The service provides support in terms of governance and health and safety matters (including risk assessments and training).
  • The chief fire officer of the service is chair of the boxing academy.
  • Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service is very proud of the boxing academy and has invited county and local councillors to visit the gym, as well as given presentations to community groups, including the Prince’s Trust. The service is committed to ensuring the resilience of the project and has pledged support to enable to the academy to achieve its long-term goals.
If you would like to join a session or find out more about the boxing academy, please contact us: