Safety advisory group (SAG)

This page contains information about the safety advisory group.

The group promotes the health, safety and welfare of everyone involved with public events such as fêtes, trade shows and carnivals. Due to the large numbers of people attending such events, the safety of the public and the environment is at risk if they’re not managed properly.

If you’re planning a public event, complete and return a notification form: 

North East Ambulance Service Guidance 

Safety advisory group representatives consider event proposals and may help assess the risks to the general public. The group includes representatives from the police, fire, ambulance and local authority, among others. 

Even if you’re an experienced organiser of public events, you cannot take anything for granted. If you are in any doubt about your legal responsibilities or potential liabilities, you should seek your own legal advice. The final responsibility will be with the event organiser. 

Typical examples of events would include: 

  • fêtes, fairs etc
  • open air concerts and music festivals 
  • trade shows 
  • sporting events 
  • horse shows, agricultural shows, dog shows car, caravan shows and similar 
  • open-air entertainment including theatre, opera and historic re-enactments 
  • firework displays 
  • large-scale company parties 
  • processions, marches and carnivals 
  • street parties 
  • religious events 

The government has produced a leaflet about organising street parties or fêtes. Copies of the leaflet can be downloaded below. 

The safety advisory group is not responsible for giving permission to use council land or granting licenses for events.