There are many types of pollution that can interfere with our daily lives including noise, air, light and smoke. Find out how we monitor and control pollution.


Image showing Smoke control areas

Smoke control areas

Here you will find out about smoke control areas within the county of Northumberland.

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Image showing Air quality

Air quality

This page gives you information on the air quality management and pollution control.

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Image showing Public registers

Public registers

Here you will find details on how to access the council’s public registers.

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Image showing Pollution control

Pollution control

This page provides information on how the council controls pollution and emissions.

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Image showing Domestic oil

Domestic oil

This page will give you information about disposal of domestic oil and what to do if heating oil is spilled.

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Image showing Radon, radiation & stythe gas

Radon, radiation & stythe gas

Here you will find information about radon gas, radiation and stythe gas in Northumberland.

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Image showing Contaminated land

Contaminated land

This page provides information for the public, developers and consultants about contaminated land in Northumberland.

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Image showing Environmental protection - development advice

Environmental protection - development advice

Check out this page for advice on environmental protection during development pre-planning.

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