Population change 

  • births,

  • deaths

  • migration the number of people who change their place of usual residence, either by international migration, or migration within areas of the UK

Other demographics

  • Population density 0.6 persons per hectare (163 persons per square mile).
  • Country of Birth : 97.2% of all Northumberland residents were born in the UK.

  • Ethnic groupEthnicity is measured by the way the population identify with certain ethnic groups.

  • Religion68.5% of residents in Northumberland class themselves as Christian, ( 67.5% in North East , 59.4% in England).. 23.9% of the country indicated they had no religion and 6.4% did not state their religion. Those classing themselves as Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and any other religion, made up 1.3% of the resident population.

  • Marital status52% of the population of Northumberland aged 16 and over are married, (North East - 46%, England -47%).
  • ‚ÄčLone parents
  • Household compositionthere are 138,500 households in Northumberland in 2011.

 Future projections

  • The latest population projections were published in 2014, were based on mid 2012 population estimates and run from 2012 to 2037. They are updated every two years

Know Northumberland bulletin – Population and Health