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Council joins Fair Tax Week

  Northumberland County Council, one of nearly 60 UK Fair Tax Councils, is proud to be part of Fair Tax Week 2024. 

  The Council is part of a growing movement of cities, towns and districts standing up for responsible tax conduct. 

  The Council joins almost 60 authorities from across the UK as supporters of fair tax. The number of UK Fair Tax Councils grew by 30% last year and cross-party support remains high, with councillors from all major parties voting unanimously in support of fair tax in the great majority of places. 

  Pam Hindhaugh, Head of Corporate Commissioning and Procurement) said: “It’s great to have Fair Tax Week as a way to celebrate the organisations that are proud to pay the right amount of tax for the benefit of all, and to champion the positive role that tax plays in our society.  

“This is about businesses paying the correct amount of corporation tax and being able to demonstrate ethical and responsible business conduct in relation to taxation. Everyone needs to pay their fair share and support our crucial frontline public services.” 

  Mary Patel, Movement Building and Outreach Manager, Fair Tax Foundation, said: “Tax is so important when considered against the huge array of public services it helps support.  

“Fair Tax Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate councils like Northumberland which are proud to stand up for responsible tax conduct.” 

  Recent polling has found that almost two thirds of people (64%) believe the Government and local councils should consider a company’s ethics and how they pay their tax, as well as value for money and quality of service provided, when awarding contracts to companies. 

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