A picture looking down on a carpark showing a disabled parking bay

Council joins day of action against blue badge fraud

Northumberland County Council is joining scores of other local authorities across the country to tackle fraudulent use of the Blue Badge scheme. 

The Blue Badge scheme is designed to help disabled people park closer to their destination by providing a clearly visible badge which can be put in the front windscreen when parked. 

And although the vast majority of badges are used correctly, there is a small minority who fraudulently use other people’s, either to save money by parking in disabled bays or through laziness and a wish to park closer to where they want to go. 

Last year the County Councils Civil Enforcement Officers retained ten Blue Badges that they believed were being used inappropriately for further investigation by the Council’s Corporate Fraud Team. 

A National Day of Action is taking place on Friday 26 May with councils across the country coming together and focusing resources on Blue Badge enforcement.  

The focus is to support genuine blue badge holders by tackling those individuals who are using other people’s badges or abusing the system. 

Civil Enforcement Officers on their usual patrols will be joined by officers from the Council’s Corporate Fraud Team, looking out for fraudulent use. 

Councillor Gordon Stewart, Cabinet Member for Looking After Our Communities, said: “The Blue Badge parking scheme is key for our residents with mobility problems or hidden disabilities, allowing them to park their vehicle close to their destination, either as a passenger or the driver. 

“However, fraudulent use of blue badges is not acceptable and means that those who genuinely need to use these parking spaces can find themselves displaced by people who do not.” 

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