C.A.R.E Northumberland

Be kind this World Smile Day

Everyone deserves to have a reason to smile this World Smile Day.
Held each year on the first Friday in October, World Smile Day is a day devoted to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. 

On this day, Friday 1 October, C.A.R.E Northumberland, a partnership between Northumberland County Council, NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Leading Link, Escape Family Support and health partners is launching its intent to help the county’s children, young people and adults want to smile as well as have lots to smile about, by providing the support needed to help build resilience.

Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Children’s Services, said: “Our children, young people and their families need access to the right support to help them live happy, healthy lives.

“Families can face many difficulties, but the council and its partners are committed to finding them the right support and information to help them overcome them.

“It’s important that our children and young people get to smile – so, please remember on this day, and the rest, be kind to one another – and take time to make someone smile.” 
C.A.R.E Northumberland aims to raise awareness around the importance for healthy relationships and environments to help Northumberland’s children, young people and adults build resilience; learning to communicate better with one another and their support networks and gain a wider understanding of how something that takes place during childhood can have a huge impact in adulthood.  
The group seeks to bring together the work of the local authority, health, voluntary and partner organisations as well as local communities to help people at the earliest opportunity. Sometimes that earliest opportunity is when a person has reached adulthood and for that reason C.A.R.E Northumberland takes a life course approach, supporting children and adults alike, no matter what their experiences.
Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, said: “C.A.R.E Northumberland aspires to having a seamless and life course approach for residents from childhood through to adulthood.
“By working together, learning from one another and working with organisations in our communities that can support this extremely important work, our teams here at the council and across our partner organisations will be able to provide the right support and information where it is needed most.”
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