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National funding bid secured for Heart of Blyth

It was announced this week that the Heart of Blyth project was successful in its bid for funding to create a stronger community in the town. 

The funding comes from the Health Foundation and Local Government Association grant programme – Shaping Places for Healthier Lives. The scheme aims to create the conditions for better health by funding local partnerships to take system-wide action on the wider determinants of health.  

After being successful at the first stage of the process, the Heart of Blyth project was invited to consult with residents and businesses, and to develop a plan for consideration by the judges.  Following scrutiny from the judging panel, the Northumberland based project has now been granted £300,000 of funding to work with partners over the next three years.     

Liz Morgan, Director of Public Health at Northumberland County Council, said: “I am delighted to hear the news of the Shaping Places for Healthier Places funding. Living in a strong community can positively affect all aspects of our lives, from our health and wellbeing to the environment.    

“We are excited to get started and work alongside partners and the community to build on the great strengths they have and bring their ideas to life.” 

Over the next three years the Heart of Blyth Project aims to:  
  • Provide opportunities for residents and neighbours to come together, build connections, strengthen relationships, exchange knowledge and work towards a shared purpose.  
  • Make the most of Blyth’s strengths by taking a positive approach, strengthening what is already there.  
  • Use creative and co-designed approaches to grow community pride, develop a positive reputation and identity which can be promoted and communicated within the town and to visitors.  
  • Harness the ideas and contributions residents shared with us, ensure they are supported by organisations working in Blyth and have access to opportunities to achieve this.  
  • Ensure residents influence local decisions by providing opportunities not only to get involved in the project but also wider developments in the town.  
  • Create the conditions where reductions in fear of crime and anti-social behaviour can occur as social networks and interpersonal relationships are strengthened.  
Councillor Wendy Pattison, cabinet member for adult wellbeing said: "This is an exciting opportunity for us to work closely with the people in the community, to make a real difference. 

"Earlier in the year we gathered lots of ideas from the community. Their ideas and involvement are key to the success of the project and the fabulous news about the funding means we can work with partners in new and innovative ways." 
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