Have your say on relocation and co-educational provision at Atkinson House School

Proposals to consider the re-location and co-educational provision at Atkinson House School have been approved for consultation by Northumberland County Council’s Cabinet.

Residents including the parents, carers and pupils of Atkinson House School in Seghill are now being asked for their thoughts on the proposals through a consultation process.

Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson, cabinet member with responsibility for children’s services, said: “As the local education authority we are committed to ensuring there are enough places available in schools for all of Northumberland’s children.

“This proposal offers us a chance to consider alternatives in increasing capacity to align with our aspirations to doing just that.”

The proposals put before Cabinet on Tuesday 12 October and now before local residents are to consider the relocation of Atkinson House School, Seghill to a vacant school site on Thornhill Road, Ponteland as of September 2022.

This opportunity to relocate the school will open up additional places for pupils with autism, social, emotional and mental health needs and will enable the school to expand its provision by moving from a single sex provision to co-educational.

Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult Social Care and Children’s Services, said: “In Northumberland, the number of children and young people who have been diagnosed as having Autism, Social Emotional and Mental Health needs has been increasing, with significant additional capacity in the county’s nine special schools being required year on year.

“Being able to widen the capacity through the relocation of Atkinson House School will be a huge benefit to those pupils and their families in Northumberland who require additional support at educational facilities that are fit for purpose for their needs.

“It is, however, extremely important that we hear from our residents, parents, carers and families to ensure we have considered everyone’s viewpoints on this proposal. So, please do ensure you have your say.”

The Senior Leadership team and Governing Body of Atkinson House school support the proposal and will work closely with officers throughout the information consultation process to develop an education vision for the school moving forward.

You can view the full report and have your say at

The consultation runs from Wednesday 13 October for a 6-week period. It will close on Wednesday 1 December
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