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Families welcomed back into Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres in Northumberland are welcoming back families for face-to-face support and group sessions.

Whilst continued support has been available for families throughout the pandemic, face-to-face has been limited to protect everyone who access them.

Councillor Guy Renner-Thompson, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Children’s Services, said: “Children’s Centres are often a focal point for communities in Northumberland, and give families with children under eighteen access to much-needed services and information.

“Groups and activities that run out of the centres help to give Northumberland’s children the best start in life.”

Northumberland’s children’s centres also provide a much-needed hub that delivers a broad range of services to support children, young people and families, such as Midwifery, Health Visiting, Early Help Family Workers, Parent Forums, Birth Registrar and Community Groups.
Support and development activities are offered to families to help children so they can grow and learn at home and school.

Northumberland’s centres provide a range of sessions for mums, dad, carers, and their children, opportunities for families to develop new skills, offer outreach and home visiting, and services for children and parents who need it and provide early learning opportunities for pre-school children.

Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Children’s Services, said: “We are so pleased to be able to open our centres to children and their families.

“This much-needed service within our communities has been missed by many, and whilst the teams have done a great job of keeping activities and support running virtually and outside in gardens and with buggy walks, our children have missed out on social interaction which too helps them to thrive and grow.

“I also want to take this opportunity to reassure parents and carers wishing to attend the centres with their children that we are still taking the current situation very seriously and measures are in place to protect those who are attending as well as staff working at the centres.”

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