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Connecting talent to opportunity in Northumberland

Investing in the future of Northumberland’s children and young people remains a top priority for the County Council with further opportunities being opened up through pioneering EdTech platform, globalbridge.  

Founded in Northumberland, globalbridge is working with education and industry across the UK, levelling the playing field of opportunity for school and college leavers. It is a digital platform that seeks to connect talent to opportunity.  

Built by teachers, it provides young people with a multi-media driven ‘e-portfolio’ to evidence their knowledge, character, skills and achievements beyond grades alone. Connecting young people and education with employers, apprenticeship opportunities and universities, it provides a pathway to bright futures in employment, education and training.   

Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult and Children’s services, said: “We, as a council are committed to engaging with solutions that will enhance the future prospects for young people. This is a great opportunity for our children and young people. It offers them the chance to link with local and national businesses and universities for further education or career opportunities, and experience. 

“It’s a chance for them to showcase their own talent and experience, both inside and out of school and as part of the council’s ambitions to support our children and young people’s futures we are delighted to be a part of this; helping them to thrive and grow.” 

The globalbridge platform can be built into a school’s curriculum to help young people build an evidence portfolio of their skills, talents and achievements. Schools can work with their students to access the right opportunities for them, along with digital resources and engagements with providers in FE, HE and industry. Students can upload their information to the platform, their education portfolio, along with extra-curricular activities and interests, to more effectively evidence the whole person. By uploading media to the platform, businesses and universities will be able to link with those of similar interests and offer opportunities suited to the student.   

Safeguarding has played a key role in ensuring this platform is fit for purpose giving teachers and parents access too! 

Leanne Johnston, Assistant Headteacher and Careers Lead for The King Edward VI School, Morpeth, said: “globalbridge as an organisation are fantastic. Ran mostly by educators who understand the pressures of schools and students, so their support is practical and delivered in context.  
“We are thankful of the support and buy in of this platform from Northumberland County Council to allow our students the access to a range of opportunities whilst also supporting them in creating their digital CV. We look forward to embracing this as a school and seeing how this benefits our students moving forward.” 
Northumberland businesses also get a chance to link up with students on their doorsteps. As part of the package those that sign up to the platform will get three free opportunities to link up with students for work experience, apprenticeships or jobs. This creates a hugely exciting opportunity for the region to be the first council to create a digital network connecting education and industry, and more specifically, talent to opportunity.  

Ben Mason, Founder and CEO of globalbridge, said: “globalbridge is excited to be working with schools across Northumberland. As an education technology platform founded in the region, globalbridge enables young people to evidence the knowledge, character, skills and achievements beyond grades alone. 
“Evidencing talent beyond or in support of written applications is vital, especially when connecting talent to opportunity in a post covid digital world. It is fantastic to be working with a forward thinking, innovative council to provide such a platform for young people across Northumberland.” 

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