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Referendum date set for Seaton Valley Neighbourhood Plan

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A date has now been set for a local referendum on the Seaton Valley Neighbourhood Plan.

The vote will take place on Thursday 29 July and all residents of the parish of Seaton Valley who are registered to vote will be able to have a say on the plan.

Seaton Valley is the seventeenth neighbourhood plan in Northumberland to have successfully passed independent examination by Government.
Northumberland County Council also considers that the Plan meets all necessary legal requirements and is now ready to proceed to local referendum.

If a majority of residents who vote in the referendum are in favour of the plan it will be used to make decisions on planning applications in the parish of Seaton Valley.

Seaton Valley Community Council has engaged with the community to produce the plan which addresses issues local people have identified as important in their area.

The referendum is run in the same way as a local election, with the ballot paper in this case asking: ‘Do you want Northumberland County Council to use the neighbourhood plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’ Voters will be able to mark the paper Yes or No.
The referendum will take place from 7am until 10pm on Thursday 29 July, and people will find details of which polling station to attend on their polling card.     

Options for postal and proxy voting have also been available.    

Those who are voting by post must make sure that their postal vote is completed and returned promptly for it to be included in the count.  If it isn’t posted in time, completed postal vote packs can be handed in at the relevant polling station on 29 July before 10pm. 

The Seaton Valley Neighbourhood Plan and accompanying documents can be viewed on the County Council’s website at: www.northumberland.gov.uk/ourplan

Read more about neighbourhood planning here.

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