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Let’s do all we can to stay safe from Covid

With cases of Covid remaining high across the region, Northumberland residents are being urged to remain cautious and do all they can to protect themselves.   

Liz Morgan, Director of Public Health at Northumberland County Council, said: “We are still in the middle of a pandemic and we’re still seeing very high numbers of cases in our communities, largely amongst younger age groups, many of whom are unvaccinated either because they’re too young to have it or because they’ve only recently been offered it.   

“When we see a rise in cases, we inevitably see more hospital admissions and deaths, more cases of Long Covid and there’s an increased risk of new variants emerging which may get round our immune system or the vaccine.    

“Vaccination is our best defence against the virus, and I would urge all those who are eligible to take up the offer of both doses of the vaccine if they haven’t already done so.” 

The MHRA, the body that regulates medicines in the UK, carried out a rigorous scientific assessment of all of the available evidence for each of the vaccines before approving them for use in the UK as safe and effective in the fight against Covid. 

Research has shown vaccination helps to reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from Covid, reduces your risk of catching the virus, can prevent transmission, and protects you against the Covid variants currently circulating. 

Liz continued: “Having the vaccine is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and others. People who have not been vaccinated are at much greater risk of becoming unwell and of transmitting infection.   

“Just because you’re young doesn’t mean Covid is risk free, some younger people will end up in hospital and more will go on to develop long Covid which for some people has meant they have been unable to work, or to go out and enjoy the freedoms which we have gained over the last few months.” 

Vaccines offer best protection after you’ve had both doses. Whilst the first dose of vaccine offers some protection, particularly against severe disease, the second dose gives you stronger and longer-lasting protection against the virus. 

Cllr Wendy Pattison, Cabinet member for Public Health said: “Getting both doses of the vaccine is our best hope of reducing the serious health harms caused by Covid. The more of us who get jabbed, the more we will lower the rates of Covid infections in our communities. 

“Even after being vaccinated, we need to keep taking simple precautions too, such as wearing a face covering, opening windows, avoiding crowds, cleaning our hands and isolating and booking a test if we feel unwell. We all have a part to play in the battle against the virus and it is not over yet.” 

All adults aged 18 or over can now get vaccinated against COVID-19. Appointments are available through or at walk-in vaccination centres throughout the region.     

You can book appointments at a larger vaccination centre or pharmacy now via the online booking system or wait to be invited by your GP surgery. 
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