Opening up more opportunities for learners

Northumberland Skills, Northumberland County Council’s learning provider has opened up more opportunities for learners by offering those enrolled on courses access to additional skills.

Learners enrolled on one of Northumberland Skills part or full-time courses will also have access to a host of free, flexible digital learning packages relevant to their area of learning and career aspirations.

Learning Together has been designed to enable Northumberland Skills' learners to learn in a different way - in a way that suits their needs and is flexible to fit around their lifestyle and commitments.

Cath McEvoy-Carr, Executive Director for Adult Social Care and Children's Services, said: “This is another great opportunity for learners to boost their skills and add to their CV.

“Northumberland Skills is a place of opportunity where learners have access to new experiences and gain valuable employability skills. This is another great way to show how supported they are through their learning and to get them where they want to be.”

Through the online platform learners will have access to free bolt-on modules and digital learning packages relevant to their subject area of interest, extending opportunities and supporting them to grow their CV.

Those who think this could benefit them should look at the range of part and full-time courses available at
For more information on the added opportunities via Learning Together head to
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