Image demonstrating New classes will help mums-to-be prepare for birth   

New classes will help mums-to-be prepare for birth   

Two new online classes, aimed at helping mums-to-be to keep active and help prepare for the birth of their child, have started in April with another due to start in May. 
Active Northumberland is currently running Yoga and Pilates as part of its popular Mams on the Move initiative which involves a series of fun, low cost online, indoor and outdoor exercise classes to support mums. 

During the Mamas Antenatal Pilates and Mamas Yoga classes exercises will help you get ready for the arrival of your baby. The fun and interactive class will help your body as it changes through pregnancy. Exercises will help you build muscular strength and endurance to prepare your body for labour and stretch out any pregnancy aches and pains, whilst also providing you with the tools to learn how to breathe during labour and overall looking after your physical and emotional health.  

6-week birth preparation class will start on Saturday 8th May and will be led by experienced Antenatal Educator Rachel Rafiefar. It aims to help you feel more confident about your baby’s arrival. The course will cover all the areas of birth preparation including finding a birth position that will work for you, birth plan support, pain relief options and breathing techniques to help you relax 

The classes offer a good opportunity to meet other mums-to-be, and partners are welcome to join too. 

To book onto the course please email Jemma Burt on   

Or contact Amy after 1st May to book at 
For further information on the Mams on the Move classes visit: 
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