Image demonstrating Deadline looming to apply for postal vote 

Deadline looming to apply for postal vote 

On 6 May 2021, there will be Local Government elections and the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the Northumbria Police Area. 
Everything is being done to ensure that for those who want to vote in person it is as safe as possible to do so, and polling stations will be open as usual across the county. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, for this election, residents are being encouraged to vote by post rather than visiting a polling station, as this is by far the safest way for everyone. 

Voting by post can also be particularly helpful for residents who are less mobile, those living in a remote rural area and for those who may be working, or away on polling day.   

If you do want to apply to vote by post, at the local elections in May, you’ll need to be quick as the deadline to submit an application form is looming. 

Everyone living in Northumberland who is a registered elector and does not currently vote by post should have received a postal vote application form from the County Council in February. 

Please complete the form by supplying your date of birth and signature and return it in the enclosed prepaid envelope as soon as possible and no later than 5pm on April 20. 

Kelly Angus, deputy chief executive at Northumberland County Council and the Council’s Returning officer said the safety of voters was a priority. 
“We are putting arrangements in place to help you stay safe at the polling station; you can expect many of the measures you’ve become used to in shops and banks over recent months, such as hand sanitiser, floor markings and face coverings.  
“It is really important that everyone makes their voice heard and I would urge anyone who has concerns about voting in polling stations to register for a postal vote as thousands of people in the county already do.” 
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