Waterloo Road in Blyth

Consultation to be extended on Blyth junction scheme

A deadline for views on proposals for road improvements in Blyth has been extended. 
Last year the County Council received funds to develop schemes to help encourage walking and cycling in Northumberland to boost COVID-19 recovery. 
One of the projects proposed was to make improvements to the roundabout at Waterloo Road / Renwick Road junction in Blyth. 
The plan is to remodel the junction to introduce traffic lights and create new pedestrian crossings on all sides of the junction.  
Measures for cyclists will also be introduced with cycle stacking lanes and a separate phase on the signals.  
The aim is to improve safety at these junctions by making it easier and safer to cross for all road users. In doing so, the council is also aiming to encourage more people to walk and cycle, as well as making the town centre a more appealing destination by creating an improved gateway into the town centre.  
The council will also soon be monitoring traffic at the junction and nearby streets to minimise any impact on the surrounding road network. 
The deadline to give views on the improvement scheme has now been extended to May 4th and the council is encouraging people to take part in a short survey at http://trafficconsult.northumberland.gov.uk/   
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